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Edwards proven technology: Select the right gauge for your application needs.

Check out our complete playlist for plenty more information!

  • Detailed range presentations by our in-house experts
  • Animations
  • Maintenance videos

Edwards new APG200 series high performance compact Pirani Gauge

Edwards APG200 Left Angle Top Front View

Edwards APG200 pirani gauge

The perfect vacuum solution across a spectrum of applications due to its compact size, LED light ring and integrated set points.

Edwards production facility in the UK has been making and designing vacuum gauging for decades. With this experience we have been able to develop a gauge that has a 25% reduced package size, with no reduction in performance. With a range of upgrades and feature enhancements, the APG200 is suitable for all vacuum markets, from Analytical instruments who can take advantage of the reduced size and flexible outputs, to Semiconductor for whom the new interfaces and light rings enable better maintenance of systems, to Research and development for whom the local pressure indication helps to monitor experiments away from the main interfaces.

Flexibility to tailor your system:

With every process having a specific requirement, we offer multiple gauge types to make sure you have the right gauge for your need. 

From our rugged APG200 Pirani gauges, available in standard and corrosion resistant variants, for measuring from atmosphere to 1e-4mbar to our WRG Cold Cathode/Pirani combination gauges, to measure from atmosphere down to 1e-9mbar.

Active Gauge Range

Edwards active gauge range

Controllers — local display and control of your system
  • For those wanting off the shelf solutions, we offer basic single/dual head gauge displays via our ADC product line. 
  • For those wanting more connectivity and control we have the TIC product line. This is able to control up to 6 gauge heads and to trigger other actions in your system via the RS232 interface/set point output. 
  • Variants are available that can control our small dry pump ranges and nEXT turbomolecular pump ranges, enabling you to create miniature systems.

Universal controllers

each controller is able to control a mix of active gauge types


all our gauges can be purchased with an additional calibration certificate


simple service procedure for each gauge with no tooling needed for the majority of processes

Перечень складских позиций


wdt_ID Модель Основные параметры Кол-во на складе*
1 Двухступенчатый пластинчато-роторный насос
Произв.: 1,8 м3/ч
Пред. ост. давление: 1,5·10-3 мбар
2 Двухступенчатый пластинчато-роторный насос
Произв.: 20,5 м3/ч
Пред. ост. давление: 1,0·10-3 мбар
3 Двухступенчатый пластинчато-роторный насос
Произв.: 32,2 м3/ч
Пред. ост. давление: 1,0·10-3 мбар
4 Двухступенчатый пластинчато-роторный насос
Произв.: 3,3 м3/ч
Пред. ост. давление: 2,0·10-3 мбар
5 Двухступенчатый пластинчато-роторный насос
Произв.: 5,8 м3/ч
Пред. ост. давление: 2,0·10-3 мбар
6 Двухступенчатый пластинчато-роторный насос
Произв.: 8,5 м3/ч
Пред. ост. давление: 2,0·10-3 мбар
7 Двухступенчатый пластинчато-роторный насос
Произв.: 12,0 м3/ч
Пред. ост. давление: 2,0·10-3 мбар
16 Спиральный насос
Произв.: 6,2 м3/ч
Пред. ост. давление: 2,0·10-3 мбар
17 Спиральный насос
Произв.: 12,7 м3/ч
Пред. ост. давление: 7,0·10-3 мбар
18 Спиральный насос
Произв.: 15,1 м3/ч
Пред. ост. давление: 7,0·10-3 мбар
19 Спиральный насос
Произв.: 35,0 м3/ч
Пред. ост. давление: 1,0·10-2 мбар
20 Фильтр масляного тумана
Подходит к насосам:
E2M0.7, E2M1.5
21 Фильтр масляного тумана
Подходит к насосам:
RV12, E2M18, E1M18, E2M18, E2M28
22 Фильтр масляного тумана
Подходит к насосам:
Модель Основные параметры Кол-во на складе*
wdt_ID Модель Кол-во на складе*
1 E2M1,5
2 E2M18
3 E2M28
4 RV3
5 RV5
6 RV8
7 RV12
16 nXDS6i
17 nXDS10i
18 nXDS15i
19 XDS35i
20 EMF3
21 EMF20
22 MF30
Модель Кол-во на складе*

  Some Image — мало
  Some Image — много


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